We all scream for Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a classic dessert loved by so many! Ice Cream shops all over have made innovative efforts to keep up with the trend of ice cream through eccentric shop names and flavors. Recently, a Canadian ice cream chain by the name of “Sweet Jesus” has been receiving a lot of heat for the controversial name of their shop, and many Christians have expressed their discontentment. The ice cream shop continuously has expressed that they have no intentions to insult any religious community, and they believe that the name of their shop is something that is suited to their customers vernacular. Evidently, the debate over an Ice Cream name is very extraneous in the world of religious debates. However, many have found this to be disrespectful and have created a petition against the brand in efforts to shut down their ice cream shop. This article gives a nice perspective on how we can see religion control society in every which way… even with ice cream.  Click here to read more.

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