The Exploration of the Divine

IMG_5645Extra Credit – Rosela Canova E.

Photography/Visual Art( painting,drawing)

The Exploration of the Divine

    Throughout my entire journey, as knowledge gives way for a journey. I have come to see, that the idea of religion, is a concept we constantly explore, and acquire and search restlessly to resolve and define. As per my idea, of the Human Problem, we are constantly searching, and exploring to find answers in the divinity of the divine. The black background, in my illustration reflects the absence of light and knowledge. Even in referring to God’s word, the lack of knowing leads people to sin, as so it resembles, the idea of lack of. In the colors in my presentation you can see the reflection of the different ideas and concepts we seek to find within those terms. It can be explored in so many ways, because Religion, is a concept we define by the habits we seek to find as holy or omnipotent, from rituals and sacred scripture, all defining a different shade of color, and light within the terms we explored in class from different backgrounds of Christianity, and Judaism, Islam, Buddhism. There is a relative exploration of color, and concepts which in this painting means the same. And the hand reaching out is our exploration of it all, trying to define, the vast of life, through our concepts, by reaching out to them to define, and bring purpose into our lives. Overall it’s the exploration of concepts and ideas, that we search to find. The painting is called, The Exploration of the Divine.


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