They really put God on Trial

So the film had a very interesting point of views from some of the characters, all of which were different from each other in their own way. They only had such a short time to debate, so this was a speedy trail. The Jews have been put through so much but this wasn’t their first time, it was also mentioned in the film. They found God guilty but still prayed to him but this gave them some closure. The Nazi party viewed the Jews as evil yet they were the ones making them worse than what they already viewed them as. The Nazis continued to push their beliefs of what they thought of the Jews  to become what they hated. Still this wasn’t the first group to do this, to make them suffer, as the Egyptians did the same. The only difference is God played a role in Egypt and not Auschwitz. If they weren’t happy back then with what God did to smite their enemies, imagine what would have happen in a more modern time. Plague in camp would have been a guarantee death for everyone in the camp. God works in mysterious ways which they admit but they couldn’t seem to grasp when it didn’t fall in their favor. It was too hard a case for God to be innocent or to be defended when the jury/prosecutors/defendants are all victims.

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