God on Trial Review

God on Trial is a movie that takes place during World War II in Auschwitz with Jewish prisoners. These prisoners decide to “put God on trail” to prove God guilty or innocent regarding the covenant that God made to the Jews. The charge that the Jews who are for God being guilty is murder and one of the defenders said that if they take happiness, should they not take sorrow as well? One of the arguments for the defenders is that God is a just God and that the consequences they’re facing is because of their own actions. One of the deep aspects of God on Trial is how they take God and try to justify what is happening to the Jews, God’s chosen people, and what God is doing about it if he’s even doing anything. It respects both sides of the views towards God and does so in a time where the Jews were at their worst persecution. In the prison, there are different type of people; Jews who are rebelling against God because of their situation, Jews who are defending God and justifying why they’re being killed, and there are rabbis, scholars, and one Jew who is in charge of keeping order among the prisoners to stay alive as long as possible. The Jews also debated whether they had free will, but it resulted in the protesters arguing that the Nazis have the free will since the Jews have no option but to be lead to their deaths. The most fascinating argument in my opinion was when one of the Jews who was well educated mentioned how there are over 100 million stars and yet, if Jews are God’s chosen people, why didn’t God create that many Jews? Overall, the film makes the audience question whether God is justified or not in what happened to the Jews during World War II through the eyes of the Jews themselves.

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