God On Trial By Miguel Marenco


“Don’t let them take your God away from you too.”

“I would like the ending to be beautiful.”

“That is what’s happened to our covenant. He has made a new covenant with someone else.”

“You talk to us about reason, what is reason, in a world full of madness.”

“Hitler will die, the war will end, but the Torah will live.”

“Who needs a God who suffers?”

God On Trial, intended to provoke people from different faiths and backgrounds. It challenged the believers and non-believers. The movie touched on the question why do the innocent die and why is there so much evil when there is a God who is good. The movie, God On Trial, opens up with a modern day bus arriving to an old concentration camp. Around the same time, another bus arrives to the scene but in this bus are the actual Jewish prisoners from the past. As the tourists were being led around the camp the movie gave us a glimpse of the past. As set of Jews were divided either to the left or right. The ones selected to the right were to survive and the ones to the left were to die. Among these men, were rabbis, teachers, scholars, and crooks. Afterwards, the Jews stayed in a small shelter where they prayed and questioned God. As a result, a trial on God was formed by three men, a professor of Criminal Law (Judge), a Rabbi (Defendant), and Rupert Graves (Prosecutor). Also, among them was a man who memorized the Torah. It was horrendous to see and hear the claims that were given about God and his sovereignty. Charges, evidence, and testimonies were given during the trial but nothing prominent enough to declare a decision. Putting God on trial was a humbling experience for the prosecutors and was a test of faith for the defendants. In the end, the trial led the Jews to gain a better understanding which led them to pray together as most were being taken to be executed. The Jews did not let the Nazis take their faith and God away from them.

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