Movie Review – God on Trial

The film, God on Trial, takes place in Auschwitz, a concentration camp during World War II. The camp is full of Jewish prisoners, among which are scholars, scientist, rabbis, working men, and even peasants. All of which soon begin to question their faith, and ask why and how God would allow the Nazi’s to commit genocide.The prisoners shortly after decide to place God on trial for leaving the Jewish people behind and ultimately breaking his covenant. Few individuals in the room oppose the idea as they believe it to be heresy to place God on trial, this idea quickly is rejected, with mere accounts from the sacred text of similar acts. The group of prisoners, begin to create structure amidst the chaos, creating a court-like setting. As the film goes on, you witness as each prisoner becomes a defender, prosecutor, protestor or simply indifferent to the trial. Some explain the situation they are in as a result of their sins, their breach of the covenant, rather than Gods. Another explains the suffering as a result of God’s plan, or an element that  should be accepted from God, just as happiness is excepted. Other arguments include, the suffering as a test of faith in trying times or one of the most compelling being the suffering not as a punishment, but purification and sacrifice for the greater good. All of which is countered by other prisoners in the camp. The end result of the trial is that God is guilty, but even still after such a decision the only thing the prisoners can do is pray. The theodicies all end up interconnected because they all lead back to the prisoners preservation of their faith.

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