God on Trial Movie Review

“So God broke the deal”

“Did that child find that God was just?”

“We are Jews. We suffer.”

“A test of our faith. The light of Torah must be kept burning in dark times.”

“I would like the ending to be beautiful.”

“Still living, still flowering, still illuminating the world.”

The movie “God on Trial” depicts the story of a group of members that critically test the Abrahamic God’s loyalty towards the Jewish people for the brutal events that occurred during the holocaust. The argument questions how a God that is meant to be good can let such evil circumstances desolate his people? Most importantly, why would God allow this to happen to those whom he made a covenant with? Did the almighty God break his promise? To test this notion, they decide to put God on trial. Through a rabbinical court they attempt to analyze the logic of Gods motives behind allowing the concentration camps to wipe out so many Jews, and letting his promised people down. In attempt to find an answer of the reason for the disturbing events in the Auschwitz camp, many accusations are developed. Whether the holocaust was a form of punishment or an approach to purification for the Jews is argued back and forth between members in the court. Through series of trying to dissect Gods mind and his intentions letting the Jews suffer, however the final verdict is essentially that the Jews are a sacrifice, man is being punished for his sins, and it is preposterous to believe that God is on the side of the Jews.

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