By Hosting Dialogues On Religion and Tolerance, These Students Are Using Free Speech The Right Way by Forbes

Brian Miller’s article for Forbes talks about free speech on college campuses. Many people tour universities across the nation in order gain attention about their topic and since the 1st Amendment right  protects protesters and speakers this is the perfect way to do so. On April 4th, at the University of St. Thomas Law School 4 different  organizations met up to host one big protests with  students from the American Constitution Society, the Federalist Society, OUT!Law, and the Christian Legal Society. This setting brought out students,  professors, and activists to safely discuss religious liberty and gay rights. The event had different motivational speaks and even some students spoke up about their thoughts and beliefs on the subject.  One of the professors in attendance wrote in an essay that  gatherings like these are important to have because , “More tolerant conversations are the first, and most important, step to more tolerant lives and communities. With real dialogue comes understanding — each side recognizing the other’s legitimate needs and their sometimes very different beliefs.”



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