God on Trial Review

The movie “God on Trial” takes place in a concentration camp in Auschwitz. The movie was made for people from all over the world with different believes and cultural backgrounds. The movie is about Jews who were suffering, sad, hopeless, and angry at a concentration during the Holocaust, World War II. The Jews decided to create a Thora Court where they would put God on Trial. The Jews had been through the worst, a lot of evil things happened to them so they were hopeless. They wanted to know if God was responsible for all the pain and suffering they have been through because of evil. Tthe point was to proof if people had “free will to do evil” since God gave them “free will”. Something that caught my attention in this movie was that no matter how hopeless you may feel, you are still seeking to find God in heaven. I believe that people who do not believe in an after world, or a God, that they will change their mind right before death hoping for something after death. I feel like people will eventually believe in something once they are reaching their final moments of life.

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