Black Panther review

Black Panther, the recent Marvel movie was released on January the 29th, 2018. The movie produced Marvel is for any age, race, and ethnicity. The movie is based on showing the word the African heritage, therefore, the movie is. Black Panther begins with the death of the king of Wakanda ( A country hidden in Africa from the world to keep it safe for the destruction of humanity ), T´Challa, the king´s son and successor of the throne of Wakanda has to follow the Wakanda tradition to receive the throne. This traditional ceremony takes place in a sacred place for the people of Wakanda and a sacred ritual is done. The sacred ritual consists in giving power to the heir of the throne, there is a priest who gives a traditional ceremony to welcome the new Wakanda king. During this ceremony, all the tribes in Wakanda are present during the coronation of the Prince. All the tribes are unique in the movie because the way their dress represent the African culture. The priest does not use a sacred text during this ceremony but he gives a symbolic speech and use a symbolic outfit. In order to be accepted by the Wakanda community as their king, all the tribes have to agree with the selection of the person (in this case T´Challa). If someone of the tribes is not agreed with the chosen, they have to ability to challenge the chosen one to a battle. The battle is also, very symbolistic because the heir to the throne is given a necklace which is associated with the Black Panther ( the protector of Wakanda) Also, the tribes perform a sacred “dace” during the battle. After the ceremony is performed the new king of Wakanda is taken to a sacred place where he or she is buried with an orange soil and has to visit his ancestors. This can only happen during the first night like the king of Wakanda.  

As I mentioned before the movie is very symbolistic and accomplish the goal of showing the people how great can Africa can be. I think the main goal of this movie was not all about the superhero, it also showed the world some of the cultures of Africa such as the costumes and jewelry are worn by the tribes. The music is also special in the movie because as a viewer I felt the African vibes which made by had a good time watching the movie. To conclude, I would highly recommend this movie to all the people who enjoy watching movies not only for the action, also, for the cultural view. 

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