Melbourne staff band in Zambia

The Salvation Army provides a protestant Christian community that strives to meet human needs through achieving hope, freedom, and life, as well as communicating a message based on the Bible. I am a Christian and have grown up with the influence of The Salvation Army, but most importantly, in a community that is full of love and one that is aimed at improving the lives of many through Jesus. The Salvation Army is internationally influential in over 127 countries and is helping people from all over the world with the assistance of donations. In Melbourne, Australia, within the Salvation Army, we are very fortunate to have what is called the Melbourne Staff Band which is a band of people who play brass instruments. Recently, our band commuted to South Africa and traveled through Soweto, Johannesburg, and Zambia for the Zambian Congress, to bring praise, joy and to share the love of Jesus through music. In their community, they are not as wealthy or fortunate as us to live in such a modern area, yet their passion and love for God is infinite. Our Melbourne Staff Band donated 30 music stands, 3 tenor horns, 4 cornets, and 100 uniform shirts to bring blessing and service to the people of Zambia. They strived to fundraise money to help with the completion of buildings and to improve their lives by donating items so that they could expand to celebrate God’s love. My cousin is a member of the Melbourne Staff band as a tuba player, and was overwhelmed by the enjoyment and opportunity to contribute to the life-changing experience.



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