Religious v. Spiritual

Spirituality and Religion may seem like synonymous words when put side by side, but when given a closer look we can see the obvious difference in characteristics and qualities that these 2 words entail and the true meaning behind them.

Some find that spirituality is a better choice than religion and some say the exact opposite. As with any argument, there are different facts and ideas that can support or demean one or the other. Today, let’s take a look into the positives, negatives and even how one can balance both being spiritual and religious all at once!

Spirituality is well known for giving you “your own path to walk”. In other words, a way for you to make your own decisions based on your conscious and personal choices. Rather than following along to an old myth or person who died thousands of years ago. It leaves out the division that so many see religion does when comparing followers to its predecessors.

The word religion itself stems from the Latin word “religare” which ultimately means to bind or connect. Religion, in turn, allows people with common beliefs to find something they can all relate too and be a part of something bigger than themselves. Religion is even seen as a social way of living. Many places of worship are welcoming to visitors, and outsiders wanting to take a look into their way of living. It does create a bond for many people that many find as a sanctuary and a place to go to in a time of need.

Finally, as with anything in life, balance is necessary. The good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, all of these are natural in life and we have to accept that. Maybe after reading this, you may think, “I can’t balance being religious AND spiritual that’s crazy!” but it is definitely something you can accomplish. Something that you can infer from comparing both is that you can learn how to be independent if you’re spiritual, and dependant on others when necessary if you’re religious. Both of these things are key aspects in life. For instance, yes being independent is great and we learn a lot, but there are times that we really truly need to turn to people whether it be in a time of need, or just someone to share our success with. Both Spirituality and Religion offer these things and bring positivity into our lives. So, how would you respond to the question “Do you see yourself as spiritual, or religious?”

One response to “Religious v. Spiritual

  1. In your definition of spirituality and religion, are they mutually exclusive? Can a religious person be spiritual and make their own decisions? Does being spiritual mean rejecting ancient stories and heroes?


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