Why Catholic​ Priests should be allowed to wed.

Within the Catholic church, Priests are not allowed to be wed to a woman. The reason for the celibacy requirement in order to become a priest dates back to Jesus Christ. The bible says that he was indeed an unmarried virgin. And there on out, early fathers of the church took it upon themselves to emulate the Lord’s actions. Even though the first pope, Peter was married. This was still common in the early days of the church. Given that it is not an official church dogma, but rather a tradition. This “restriction” is something that they are aware of before embarking on the journey to becoming a priest in the Catholic church which is a 7+ year journey of religious education.

As recent events have shown, priests really should have the freedom to marry if they please, as the lack of matrimony causes one to restrain themselves of their natural desires as men. But at the end of the day, this is the way that God created us as human beings. Restraining oneself could, in turn, result in the development of psychosexual immaturity. And the priests of the church have shown this throughout multiple cases. As recent as October of 2018, Catholic bishop John Jenick has been accused of sexual abuse and has since been removed from his public ministry. It has made its way to the Vatican and is now under full investigation. And due to recent allegations, over a dozen states have opened up investigations since the release of a grand jury in August that reported finding documentation of abuse and cover-up of these allegations by more than 300 priests in the state of Pennsylvania.

Marriage is one of the most celebrated sacraments in the Catholic church. After all, priests are the ones who officially allow people to be unionized within the church as man and wife. Additionally, Catholic priests are known to assist couples married within the church if they are going through marital issues. However, priests are constantly giving assistance, yet they have a lack of experience with the sacrament of matrimony entirely. And while some may argue that priests are married to the church, we must remember the church is not a person.

Finally, through all of these examples, and facts we can see that Priest in the Catholic church, although not all, a majority of them have shown how the restriction that they all voluntarily agreed to is tarnishing the face of the Catholic church.


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