SNL- St. Josephs Christmas Spectacular: Overview

Saturday Night Live is a comedy sketch show aired on Saturday Nights at 11:30 weekly and is infamous for poking fun at pop culture and even controversial topics such as politics, race, and even sometimes a religion. In 2014 a skit was released that poked fun at a typical Christmas mass at a Catholic church in a small town.

It hits all of the stereotypes of a traditional mass. The video starts with showing a character “Devin” a teen who now claims to be atheist and refuses to participate in the mass. Next, we are introduced to “Pastor Pat” the man who runs the whole show! He is seen napping in the middle of the ceremony and singing notes in the hymns for too long. “Mr. Drubbler” is described as the elderly gentleman who loves shaking hands during peace but sadly has extremely sweaty palms. “Linda Tayhoe” is the single middle-aged woman that plays the organ but poor thing still isn’t ready to perform. “Bethany Opsal” is the tween who loves to sing her out in the choir in hopes of becoming a pop star one day. Ryan Welty is the 10-year-old who is forced to read scripture but doesn’t want too and makes it obvious by delivering it in a monotone voice. On the flipside, “Collen Chapin” cannot wait to read to the congregation of churchgoers on Christmas and tells the story with lots of enthusiasm.

Some additional pokes taken at the religion are the cheesy priest jokes, repeating the same religious songs over and over again. As someone attends this mass yearly, I can honestly say SNL did a fantastic job at portraying and interpreting how Catholics feel and act at these masses.

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