Young Adults Leaving Religion

In America, young people around 18 to 29 years old have absolutely no religion. It has actually grown by 29% in last 30 years.

Religion, in general, are so conservative and alienating in this generation which pretty much forces the young minds to leave it. For instance, “strict churches”, with real strict rules for clothing or not accepting the LGBT community. To the point that churches who are against LGBT rights are supporting Donald Trump which millennial have nothing to do with. They don’t want to be dragged in it.

Young minds are leaving conservative religion and be part of something which is open enough for every community here which includes LGBT too. There are some churches like that which are willing to welcome everyone no matter what gender or anything but it is certainly not growing.

At this point, we can’t deny that religions are facing hard times. In America, the fastest growing religion is in fact no religion at all. How ironic is that.


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