This is where our masterminds come together. Every week the featuring group will be posting a study, a story, video, an article (or whatever else) with a question to which you have to comment. The main requirement for this assignment is that you practice CRITICAL THINKING. Just make sure you back up your reaction with specific arguments and good grammar. Use the theories and ideas we develop in class to help you shape your opinion.

This is a safe space to begin necessary conversations. Be thoughtful and respectful in your comments, but don’t confuse politeness with bland agreements. The readings introduced in class should help you flex your mind with fresh motivations and ideas.

Keep in mind that EVERYONE (not just the group) is to participate and post whatever they deem fun and important to talk about. I will also be contributing. The more you participate and comment the better.

Let’s get the conversation started.

Your post can be something you see on the news, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.

Here’s the first example.

The most recent example I encountered was during the GOP debate, where the “God question” was introduced by Fox’s Megyn Kelly with a sensationalist tone. The candidates then went on to provide in very creative ways that “secular” isn’t precisely the most accurate adjetive to describe our society.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 6.04.17 PM

2 responses to “CLASS THINK TANK

  1. I’d definitely like to agree with statement that Mr. Norton said, that when asking God for help, he will send direct you down the right path and give you that guidance you need if you’re stuck on a decision to make in your life. Then I also have to agree with the candidates because they are partially right, our society isn’t completely secular meaning we don’t all as a whole abide by the rules in a religious aspect. There’s a lot of cruel events happening in the world and a quarter of society doesn’t believe in a God, so the candidates argument is why ask God for help when there’s so much chaos in this world. These candidates are going to have to make decisions that religiously wouldn’t be okay with God, but it’s their job and the to win this election it’s the people decide, not the candidates, so they have to get all types of people to agree with them or vote for them which it’s believers/non believers of God. It’s a very touchy subject, but I would definitely have to say candidates have a point here.


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