Everyday Religion: In Honor of a Student

This page is named after a student who two semesters ago came up with a really cool project.

After learning about the universality of religion, Megan began to notice the ubiquitous presence of religion. She continued to find religious symbols in her community, university and travels. Megan realized that religion is not this isolated topic, relegated to churches, Sundays, prayers and gospel channels. This realization led her to this awesome idea of photographing all these symbols with her phone or camera, and put them together in a presentation with a short description of how she encountered these symbols and how are they “religious” from her perspective.

Megan began this project, which she tilted “Everyday Religion,” during the Fall 2014 in my World Religions class, and expanded it in the following semester while taking Analysis and Interpretation of Religion class.

Lets continue to feed this brilliant idea by spotting and photographing religion everywhere we find it. You will be surprised to learn that pop culture is imbued with religion in many ways. Fashion, music, TV, art, and food are just some of the mediums though which religion is articulated. Take a picture or video and briefly explain how is religion present and relevant in your discovery.

On the description tell us where did your photograph take place, when did you take it and why do you think it is a religious symbol.

Here’s Megan’s project! (Great job Meg !)

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