Site Visit Journal part 2 Miami Bethany Church of Nazarene

I have gone about three each time and every time starts the same praying is first, then singing, offering, and at the end the pastor’s comes to stage and start talking a whole different topic each Sunday. But, this time it was different I was invited to go to their church instead of the auditorium that they meet each Sunday and Friday. Their church is much smaller and they told me that was the reason that they have to rent the auditorium for Fridays and Sundays their congregation has grown in the past 10 years so much that it was impossible for them to fit in the church. It was a Thursday at 8 pm when she told me to be there for the meeting which they call celulas meaning cells. I asked them why it’s called a cell and the young lady told me it was because they reproduce like cells. For example, the girl who invited me to her meeting was the pastor’s daughter and she explain that she is a leader and she has disciples and her disciples have their own disciples so they cycle goes on that’s is how they reproduce but their groups are homogeneous. When she finished showing me around the church and she told me the other girls were waiting for the celula to begin. The church many religious symbol such as crosses, the Christian flags bibles, and posters. The pastor’s daughter took me to what it seems a room for meetings. Each girl introduced themselves, welcome me to the meeting and told feel comfortable. The pastor’s daughter, then began praying and giving thanks for each of her disciples that were present and for those who couldn’t come.

Furthermore, after they prayed she began asking questions about the last Sunday’s message if we understood what the meaning was and how to put what we learned into our everyday life. When she began asking questions I felt like in a class room where I didn’t remember the answer to the test. She ask me if I remember and I told her that I took notes but that I didn’t remember everything. She laugh and told me that for not been a church member it’s awesome that I took notes and I explain that the pastor talked about jubilee (yovel). Which it was a celebration of peace, forgiveness of debt, freeing slaves and great joy on earth for the Jewish people it’s celebrated about every 50 years. In addition, she began asking question which is posted in their website called application question after the Sunday service so each groups have a discussion about it and what they understand. Moreover, when each question was answer it took about an hour and she prayed for the offerings and for each person in the group and also for school.

Each time I went to that church something different is happening the first Sunday of the month they have holy dinner, which they remember Jesus Christ the heroic figure that die for the sins of every human being. Dying on a cross which it was the most unbearable way to die for a Jew, but by doing that he showed the love he had for the people. Additionally, on the second Sunday its presentation of babies to the people of the congregation and everyone in the church and the pastor pray and bless the babies. On the third Sunday it was the Pastor birthday, so it was a great celebration in which his 12 disciples read a bible verse, prayed, and gave him birthday present. Each time I didn’t know what to expect and even though they start the same way something different is happening. But, what I saw that it was the most essential aspect of this church is that everything they do first talk about the love of God to the people and each Sunday it’s a different topic not only talking about nice topics but that he wants everyone to be better human beings. Also the church is involved in helping its member in what they can by praying. In addition, providing them with the most convenient food for the week such as meat, vegetables, cans and anything the basket has. Also, the pastor daughter if someone doesn’t have a car or ride they can ask any of the leaders and they are more than happy to help. Its surprising  how much they are willing to help their member I get annoyed driving my bother and they help people who are not even related to them. That’s shows how dedicated and how much they care for the people. We I started doing this site visit I never expected for a church to be so involved in the member life’s I am speechless.


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