Black Robe Movie Review

Black Robe is a movie about the  travels of Father LaForgue , a Jesuit priest that was told to search for a remote Canadian mission surrounded by Huron settlements. It basically tells the story of the French or “Jesuits” that wanted to convert the Native Americans to Catholicism, and ended up delivering them into the hands of their enemies. The main priest or “Black Robe” because he wears a black robe travels with the Native Tribe and a French man by canoe to trade tobacco. In conclusion the natives end up distrusting the black robe priest saying he is some sort of demon.

The new world was profane because they didn’t believe in god they prayed to nature. It wasn’t the same setting and beliefs that the colonists were accustomed too.The Natives felt that converting would make them lose sight of who they truly were. They didn’t want to lose their myths, culture, ideals, beliefs and all the such until the end of the movie they end up changing. The priests were so set on converting them they didn’t realize how they were going to affect them.The power and knowledge differed in both religions, french found power in god while the native americans found power and knowledge with nature and hunting. Father LaForgue believes that the Native Americans need to be saved by God.

I personally didn’t like the movie because Im not so interested in historically movies. It lacked action or mystery. It was a good story but the old style film isn’t like modern movies so it was as entertaining.However, the movie does have a deep meaning of understanding other religions and not changing someones thought and feelings because they are not the same as yours.

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