The Megan Project

Image #1: The Crucifixion of Jesus

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago in my parent’s bedroom. It depicts the iconic tale of how Jesus Christ was staked to a cross with the sole intention of protecting His people. I believe this is a religious symbol because of how it served as a catalyst for many religions, specifically Catholicism and Christianity. It shows the tremendous love Jesus truly had for His people and the image shows both the horror and beauty in His unforgettable sacrifice.

Image #2: Virgin Mary with Jesus

This picture was taken in my own bedroom, about four days ago. It depicts the Virgin Mary in a tender embrace with her beloved son in her arms. Next to Jesus himself, the Virgin Mary is considered one of the most sacred and influential figures in religious history. She is known as the mother of Jesus, and was characterized by her awesome love for him. The relationship shown between these two is what, in my perspective, binds religion (Catholicism and Christianity) together. The image above does a magnificent job of capturing the essence of Mary and Jesus’s relationship.


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