The movie gave a really interesting perspective into the colonial life in the “new world.” The interactions between both cultures, the Jesuits and the Native Americans, can be seen as profane from each groups point of view. Since the Native American way of life and religion is so different from the European way of life, the European’s saw the “new world” as profane territory because it was unknown to them, it was outside their understanding. The same thing goes from the Native American perspective, and that is why both groups sought out religious guidance when encountering the “other.” Father Laforgue and the Jesuits were sent to the “new world” in order to make the Americas into a familiar place for the Europeans. The Jesuits  In the same hopes, the Native Americans went to their religious leader in order to better understand the Black Robe. The movie does a good job of showing a third point of view, Daniel’s point of view. Daniel tries to understand the Native American culture instead of trying to convert them. I connect the most with Daniel’s perspective, to try to understand and learn from a different culture or religion instead of trying to convert them.

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