Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple of Miami – Journal – Nicolas Stewart

Visiting the temple was very interesting. It was nice going to an unknown place, but also a little frightening. The temple was very beautiful, the white and gold building stood out as soon as I parked. The statues and Buddha were also very new to me. I decided to go to this temple as it was the closest one to me. After driving the 30 mins out to it, I was wondering why this temple was out in the Redlands of Homestead and not in a more public place, but after parking I realized how tranquil it is there. The temple is beautiful and quiet, it almost seem like a different place from Miami.  I saw some Monks working and decided to walk around by myself to research for my paper. I didn’t want to take picture of the statues in front of the monks, but got one picture of the sign posted by the stairs informing the public of how not to use the Buddha head and how to dress appropriately and found that pretty interesting.





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