330 Million Gods – Nicolas Stewart

I actually found this documentary more interesting than ” Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”. This documentary was short and had different point of views of the Gods and the lifestyle from well educated men living in India. The most interesting part of this documentary that caught my eye was the footage. This documentary is well over 30 years old and it’s amazing to see the style of clothing, the quality of video, and even the streets video taped. Another very interesting thing I observed in the documentary was the man who is called Mahatma in the village, the man who renounced everything from his past. I found it very funny towards the end of the documentary when Ronald Eyre brought up the fact that the Mahatma was the Uncle of the Professor he was speaking to. It was also very cool to see how many people go to the Ganges for religious reasons. The amount of people going was amazing and it gets you thinking how man are going today in the present after the population has gone up.

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