The Trial of God – Nicolas Stewart

I watched the BBC adaptation of ” The Trial of God” based on Elie Wiesel’s play. This adaptation was amazing as the whole play basically took place in one setting, an Auschwitz barrack.  The characters in this play set up a trial against their god. The Jewish men all present heavy feelings toward the religion even after being imprisoned. The men also introduce philosphical questions toward the existence of their god and their relationship. The men are trying to figure our whether thier god has betrayed them or if its part of a plan to be sacrifices. The scenes in this movie are really powerful. There are several which stick with me. One scene is the older father who talks to another man about repenting god and still ending up in the same place. It shows that even if you reject religion you can still be related to it and end up in the same place at others who are devoted to religion. Another scene which stood out to me is the man who was mad at God throughout the whole movie. At the end of the movie even after being angry, when being chosen to be gassed he still prayed as it was the only thing he could do. The end of the movie is the scene that stood out the most. The men who were gassed and others are at the memorial with the tourist. Its sad as it shows that they are still at the prison camp in some form and aren’t forgotten, which can also be seen as happy in some other ways as well. The ending when the woman asked “were there prayers answered” and the man answered ” well, we’re still here” was to me the most powerful scene. It shows that even after another trial the Jewish religion is still alive.





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