Megan Project #2

I have attached a photo of a beautiful scenery I encountered while on vacation with my family a few weeks ago. My mother is an extremely religious person and taught me that you can pray anywhere and to always pray when you have the opportunity of a tranquil setting. This way you can be at ease and focus on your prayers to God. We stayed at this beach until night time when there was no one around. It was also very far from the city so it was extremely quiet in the area. My mother took this opportunity to pray. I always found it odd because I believed she should always just pray in her private time, but she says there is something special about praying in the natural landscape that God has created. This has strengthened my faith because now I find a greater sense of ease and calmness when I am in an area filled with nature. It has helped me to find beauty in the simplest things such as trees in the forrest to grass in meadows. It feels good to be so comfortable and confident in my own skin and faith that I am unashamed of pray8ing in public outside of my usual comfort zone of a church. I also really love having a connection to nature regardless of it being a religious attachment or not. I think we can all find some kind of comfort in the calmness of the natural world.oc trip


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